Major Dilemma

Registration for next semester begins in April but before that, I will need to contact professor Huss to schedule a placement exam.  I took this exam three years ago, right before I graduated high school and I placed into French 202; however, since I went to LCC first (the didn’t offer French at the time), my credits have obviously expired since.  

Lately I’ve really been considering changing my major from Religion to History (European).  I like both equally, I’m not sure which I’d rather teach.  I got more serious about changing my major after I realized that I’d be in school at least a semester more if I stuck with Religion.  Since I’m studying Indian Religions, I’d need to learn Sanskrit and I know no Sanskrit whatsoever.  If I changed to European History, I could take the placement exam again and I know I’ll at least place back into 201.

I’ve also considered employment opportunities.  Everyone needs to take history, but few people choose to take religion courses.  BUT, there are also many more history majors than religion majors so I’d really need to shine.  I’d also need a PhD for the types of courses I’d want to teach.  My school offers BA, MA, and PhDs in History, but Religion only goes up to the MA.  

Of course…me being me, I WOULD start to doubt my major as a junior.  


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