Today I adopted my first dog!  He is two and a half years old, and an Australian Shepherd mix.  He was surrendered once because his first owners had too many animals; the second time, his owners had moved.  He’s very sweet and well-tempered. 

I went to the Humane Society on Thursday looking for pit bulls pups but both were unavailable (I saw them on the website).  Today I went back to look for a dog named Zoey I had seen a month earlier at Petco’s adoption day but she wasn’t there, either.  A man there told me to come back tomorrow because two three-month-old puppies he had rescued off a beach would be available for adoption but Logan caught my attention as soon as we got there today (at the time, an employee was taking him for his morning walk).  He was the only dog that showed interest in me and he wagged his tail every time I looked at him.  My cousin told me to not pick a dog, but to let a dog pick me.  We asked to see him in the acquaintance park and my boyfriend and I really liked him.  He’s very silly in his mannerisms and that’s part of his charm. 

His name on his paper was Mikah but he didn’t really respond to it.  I picked Logan because it’s just the name I thought of when I saw him. 

He’s very spoiled and nudges me when I stop rubbing his tummy.  He’s perfect for us, actually.  Shepherds are smart and energetic, so we plan to take him on our easier hikes and shorter runs. 


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