I finally finished a decent beanie (3rd time’s the charm)!  I think my last post here was about my struggle to complete a beanie for my boyfriend.  I did — in rows and single crochets — and I don’t care for it much.  I did give him the beanie for Christmas but I also bought him a santoku knife he had been looking at.  This beanie, however, I did in rounds (finally!) and I like the look of this one much more.  It’s also a lot faster to make, as I’m sure all of you other crocheters know. 

I’m making him another red beanie to make up for the first one, and he bought yarn of his choosing and asked me to make him a scarf. 

I’m glad I’ve taken up crocheting.  Now I have something to do while he ignores me for League of Legends or Battlefield, haha. 😛

Note: Between school and work, I also didn’t have much time to hone my developing skills…I didn’t take as long as the dates between my posts insinuate to make the beanie. I work part time and attend school full time during the semester but during my breaks, I adopt full time hours. So I haven’t been able to practice as much as I’d like to.

Speaking of adoption…as my gift, my boyfriend made me a bunch of coupons and the last one gave me permission to pick any dog I wanted regardless of age, breed, or price. I’m 20 and I’ve never had a dog because my parents are divorced so I was never at one house long enough to care for a dog. My boyfriend and I live together and for the last year, I’ve been inquiring about a dog. He always said yes, but told me it would be MY dog. Now he’s opened up to it being our dog. He’s had dogs but he’s only now feeling a little less blue about putting his 13-year-old lab down last December. He loves aninals and I’m excited that we’ll raise one together. We’re going back to the Humane Society tomorrow. Wish us luck finding a baby!


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