Today is my first day on WordPress, and this, my first post.  I started my Tumblr five years ago in the middle of my English class with the urging (more like force) of a friend.  In those five years, that collection of pictures (memories, I mean), silly memes, and text posts ranging from pathetic to exuberant grew and I’d like to start something new here.  I’ve obviously grown a lot in five years and I’d like a new place to express my thoughts and opinions, one not littered with doge memes.  

Tomorrow I have work from 8:30am – 4:15pm.  At 10:30am, I will promptly request my break and beeline for the computer in our lunchroom so I can register for my Spring 2014 courses.  I’m very excited to transfer.  I’m actually one semester late, and this is the consequence of taking only 12 credits a semester.  When I entered school I was going into business — accounting more specifically — at the urging of my mother.  Two days into the semester, I realized how boring I thought Accounting was and how dreadful that one semester would be so I dropped three of my classes needed for a business degree — math, accounting, and economics — and enrolled in Philosophy 110 (Deductive Logic), History 151 (up to 1500), and Religion 150 (Intro to World Religions).  That semester sparked my interest in religion.  A year later in Fall 2012 I would decide to major in Religion and as of the beginning of this semester, my school documents had me down as a declared Religion major.  I think religion is a wonderful thing.  Now, let me say this: I am not “religious.” I do not subscribe to any organized religion, and I do not believe in God.  I believe in evolution and the “Goldilocks zone” Earth was lucky enough to fall into.  I, however, respect all religions and find a few in particular interesting.  At first I was going to specialize in Islam because it is terribly misunderstood and I, personally, find it to be a beautiful religion.  In Fall 2012, I was enrolled in Religion 202 – Understanding Indian Religions and I ended up falling in love with Indian Religions (Hinduism and Sikhism in particular); I’m now specializing in Indian Religions, much like my professor whom I’ve had for three semesters for three different religion courses (I actually took her Indian Religions course just to have her again).  I’m also planning to minor in History.  My interests in Religion and History don’t go hand-in-hand, though; my interest in History lies in geo-politics, especially topics like World War I and World War II.  My school offers a 400-level course on the Holocaust and I plan to take it next Spring.  My grandfather was in the army during World War II and he was stationed in France, Germany, and Italy.  He would always talk to me about historical events but I would never pay attention.  He passed away in 2008.  In March 2010, I was lucky enough to go to France with my French class and one day, we drove up to Normandy to see Omaha Beach (the D-Day beach) and later that day, we went to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.  I didn’t really hold any interest in history until the day I stood on that beach where thousands of people lost their lives; further, I thought about my grandfather and how thrilled he’d be that I was able to stand on that beach, touch the sand, dip my hands in the water.  I’m sure he’d be overjoyed to learn that I’m at least minoring in a subject he loved.

This was a small glimpse at some of my interests.  I also enjoy baking, running, and hiking.  In fact, next Sunday my boyfriend and I are running in the Honolulu Marathon.  Wish us luck!


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